Funeral Flowers and their Meaning

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Lilies are a popular choice for funeral flowers; their delicate petals are graceful way to show the family that they are in your thoughts.

White lilies – express a feeling of majesty and purity

Stargazing lilies – represent sympathy and empathy

Peace lilies – symbolise harmony and innocence, also often associated as a symbol of Virgin Mary and mostly used in the Easter period.


Carnations are a long lasting flower and have a lot of sentimental meaning behind them, often being associated with incarnation, hence their name.

Red Carnations: Admiration

Pink Carnations: Remembrance, in Christianity they also represent the tears of Mary.

White Carnations: Pure love and innocence


A beautiful and classical flower we learnt from our research that is similar to Carnations, each Rose colour also offers a different meaning.

White Rose: Reverence, humility, innocence and youthfulness.

Red Roses: Respect, love and courage

Pink Roses: Love, grace, appreciation, gentility

Dark Crimson: Grief and sorrow

Yellow: Given by friends of the person who has sadly passed away to symbolise the strong ties they had.

The quantity of Roses is also relevant. One Rose given represents a love for the deceased as well as everlasting love; a single Rose from family and friends is often buried with their loved one.


The Orchid flowers are simply stunning, especially due to the meaning they have. They represent endless love. Pink and white are mostly used to also symbolise sympathy. Phalaenopsis Orchid and Dendrobium are recommended and commonly used for funerals.

Hydrangea Plant

As these flowers can be moved from the arrangement and planted outdoors, gifting them to the grieving family is a kind gesture. They can see the Hydrangea Plant grow and flourish and remember their loved one for years to come.


These beautiful flowers are a lovely choice of flowers to use at a loved one’s funeral as they represent unconditional love. As well as many other flowers within this blog Fressias have many different meanings when it comes to colours:

White: Symbolises innocence and purity.

Red: Symbolises passion and love.

Purple: Representing beauty and royalty.

Yellow: Symbolises optimism as well as friendship.


The Gerbera has a lovely sentimental meaning for funerals, representing relief from sorrow and the return to a feeling of hope and happiness. Like other flowers different colours of the Gerbera have certain meanings:

Orange: The meaning of sunshine of life

Red: Representing the meaning of love

White: Symbolising purity and innocence

Pink: Represents admiration and adoration

Yellow: Symbolising cheerfulness


These beautiful flowers available in a stunning bright yellow, represents rebirth and new beginings, meaning you can hopefully start to channel a new beginning your loved one has passed away.


A pretty Spring flower such as the tulip has many different meanings depending on the colours you select.

Red: Symbolising the feeling of love

Yellow: Representing hope and cheerful thoughts

Pink: Representing happiness

Top Trends

One of the latest funeral arrangement trends is simply straying from the traditional use of black, instead applying vibrant colour schemes to truly celebrate your loved one. A number of flower types are at the fore front of this trend and it’s often the livelier species that feature at funeral services. If you’re unsure of the right flower arrangement for the ceremony you could choose their favourite flower or select flowers and colours that remind you of your loved one. We hope this short guide has helped you in deciding which flowers will help you remember.