Creating the perfect Order of Service for your loved one

An Order of Service will often represent a lifetime of memories and be kept for many years to come. As well as being a running order for the service they can consist of photos, messages, sentiments and much more to embrace and honour your loved one and the memories they’ve left behind.

Here I will explain each of the sections that could be included in an Order of Service as well offering ideas for the content contained within them so that you can enhance your Order of Service design when you start creating, using our easy-to-use online editor.

Before you get started

Once you’ve looked through our collections, chosen your design and got a feel for what you would like to create, it may help to gather all of your content in one place on your computer. That way when you go to personalise the chosen product using the online editor, everything is planned out and in one easy to access place, making the process even simpler for you.

We have included in our templates, text and image boxes with ideas in but these are only a starting point so please have a look at our downloadable instructions to see the full scope of what you could create and have a read through the next section for some ideas of what to consider.

FAQ – What to Include in an Order of Service?

An Order of Service is predominately a running order for the funeral, but it can also be so much more. It is a chance to come together with your family and friends to create a lasting tribute to your loved one. It is an opportunity to create something that reflects your loved one through the design, images and messages that you choose.

This is only a guide, but most Order of Services will include some or all of the below:

    • Front Cover - including photo, name, date of birth and passing, time and place of where the funeral will be held.

    • Opening Song - could be their favourite song or something that reminds you of them.

    • Eulogy - this could simply show the name of the person giving the eulogy or if you have written it already why not include the text giving people opportunity to reflect on it after the service.

    • Photos - these are a lovely way of remembering and showing your loved one throughout their life, hopefully giving you opportunity to reflect on fond times together.

    • Prayers and Blessings - if you are religious or want a religious aspect to the funeral, think about adding these in the Order of Service so those attending can offer their prayers alongside you.

    • Hymns - not everyone may know the words to your chosen hymn, if these form parts of your service adding these in helps people sing with you.

    • Reflection Music - this can be a lovely way of bringing some quiet time in to a funeral service so that those attending can reflect on their own memories

    • Readings - this doesn’t have to be a traditional reading, although poems and Psalms are a lovely way of relating to your loved one, you could also consider song lyrics or perhaps an extract from their favourite book or film if that suits their memory more.

    • Closing Thoughts and Remembrance - often given by the person officiating the funeral but you may also want to offer those attending the opportunity to say a few words.

    • Exit Music - could be their favourite song or something that reminds you of them.

    • Back Cover - as with the content you can add whatever you wish here but it is often a good place to give details of a wake or charities you may want to ask people to offer donations to.

If you need inspiration for poems and hymns, visit for some ideas.

Summarising the Service

Once logged in, your Order of Service can be saved and downloaded using our PDF preview function, before you place your order. This allows you to review yourself but also to send to family or friends whose thoughts and input you may like. You should always check the running order with the officiant holding the ceremony as well, so the PDF preview function easily enables you to do this and make any changes before placing your order. We hope that this has helped you consider what you may like to include and offered you some areas for thought. To review our collections please visit